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Cold Laser Therapy

Pulse Wave

It is simply the quickest, least expensive and safest method of restoring health available.  Because of the sophistication of our lasers, most treatments only need to be performed once and can be performed from six to eight times faster than previous lower frequency lasers.  This keeps treatment time and costs to a minimum.

Because our focus is on health enhancement we can focus on making all of the organs and tissues of the body work together at maximum efficiency.  This approach allows each tissue and organ to work together synergistically--providing true healing of the body from the inside out rather than “chasing” symptoms of disease.  The result allows the body to truly heal, rather than depend on life-long expensive “treatments”.

How it works

Cold laser allows energetic pulses of energy to penetrate the skin and be absorbed by specialized chemical receptors in the cells in the same way that chemical receptors in the back of the eye absorb light. Just as light that is too intense can blind your vision, a laser with too much energy can damage tissue and alter the normal physiologic processes of the body.  

Cold laser using 5 mW of energy or less can safely deliver healing frequencies that resonate with the natural frequencies of healthy tissue.  This activates chemical reactions in the body that promote normal physiologic cellular processes.  This process is healing to the tissues that make up the organs of the body. Healthy cells create healthy bodies.

What Makes Us Different

First, we use the most sophisticated low level laser on the market today.  The high frequency range of our lasers greatly decreases treatment time and money. We couple our laser therapy with homeopathic and organ point stimulation which synergizes three different healing systems to maximize effectiveness.

Watch our video about cold laser therapy in our informative video section of our website for more information.

Cold Laser Therapy