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What is Physical Vascular Therapy BEMER?

With BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy we affect 74% of our cardio vascular system called microcirculation. Because the vessels are so small, we do nothave any diagnostic tools for this area. Therefore, it is overlooked despite the fact that physiologically it is the most important part because this is where all exchanges take place. Every cell in the body depends on it.

Watch the incredible improvement in Microcirculation:

BEMER works exactly in this area for which we do not have any diagnostic devices nor measures available.

The BEMER signal is the active ingredient. The use of an electro-magnetic field simply allows us to transport this specific stimulus. It penetrates throughout the entire body in the shape of the BEMER wave. Through empiric evidence, meaning by observation at the Institute of Microcirculation, it was discovered that BEMER triggers vasomotion.

Vasomotion is the rhythmic contraction and relaxation action in our small vessel system. It occurs pre-capillary on the arteriole side as well as post-capillary on the venule side. Vasomotion ensures that there will be adequate flow of nutrient and oxygen rich blood into the capillary beds as well moving blood away from the tissues transporting wastes and carbon dioxide. This basic function is the foundation for all healthy cell processes. Without adequate supply and disposal, tissues cannot remain healthy. Lack of oxygen and nutrients will lead to lack of ATP at the cellular level and the consequence is inadequate cell performance. ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate)is a catalyst molecule for every cell function. A lack of ATP results in imbalances throughout the body, which is called a disease when symptoms

manifest. When waste disposal does not occur, the body will store these metabolic wastes in the interstitial spaces, then organs and in the end in the cells themselves. This highly toxic and acidic environment is a breeding ground for all pathogens. And it is called a disease when symptoms manifest,

BEMER is the first and only device to stimulate vasomotion body wide. Dr. Klopp who is the head of the Institute of Microcirculation is able to observe in real time if any stimulus put into the body, including medications, has an impact on vasomotion. He had been tasked by the German Government 2003/2004 to find something to improve blood flow in the elderly to help cut health care cost. As the leading researcher in his field, he has technologyavailable at the Institute that makes real time observation and measurements possible. The technology is called: Intravital Microscopy.

During a medically supervised study at a hospital in Durban, South Africa,41 diabetic patients had the amputations of their limbs scheduled, As a last resort, after 8 weeks of BEMER treatment 41 out of 41 patients did not have to lose their limbs. People need to know about BEMER.

BEMER is actually not a PEMF, has nothing to do with magnets, resonanceor  other popular topics. Instead, BEMER is the most researched and effective vascular technology to improve the vitally important supply of oxygen and nutrients to all cells by up to 30%. Nothing in the spectrum of conventional or alternative medicine comes even close. Blood thinners, beta-blockers, natural remedies (ginkgo biloba) range from 5-72 percent increase.

In contrast to what our competitors claim, BEMER actually is in a joint research & development project to incorporate genuine BEMER technology into the design of future space suits. BEMER and NASA are about to sign a Space Act Agreement to formalize the cooperation between the two entities.

In Germany alone, BEMER is working with over 3000 reference physicians, hospitals, clinicians, universities, practitioners, etc. and is fully established as an extremely effective medical modality, In the USA we are an FDA registered medical device and in the process of obtaining an FDA 510(k) approval for microcirculation enhancement. This makes us unique.

BEMER is so safe, so effective and so easy to use that more than a million  individuals in over 40 countries around the world are using BEMER devices sometimes radically improving their conditions and lives.

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Physical Vascular Therapy BEMER